Controlling platform for Abberior Instruments microscopes

Abberior software platform Inspector

Microscope control:

  • RESOLFT and STED image acquisition
  • QUAD scanner control
  • Laser timing and data collection for pulse-, pixel-, and line-interleaved multiplexing
  • Control of all motorized components (pinhole, mirrors, flipper, shutters, microscope body
  • Ready to control your own lasers and optomechanics

Image analysis:

  • Analysis toolbox for quantitative microscopy
  • Linear and non-linear (RL) deconvolution algorithms
  • Abberior Patchpanel for synchronized Multi-IO
  • 72 configurable signal connectors
  • 12 connectors for ultrafast signals for laser pulsing and gated detection
  • Typical Abberior configuration leaves 40+ connectors for your custom application