LifeCanvas Technologies' SmartLabel, the world’s first active labeling device, combines SWITCH and stochastic electrotransport technologies to quickly and uniformly label whole tissue samples in a fraction of the time needed for passive labeling. Stain an entire mouse brain or rat hemisphere in 24 hours or less and avoid the time-intensive, destructive sectioning and tedious image reconstruction of traditional histology. 

Fast: Label large, intact samples such as rodent organs an order of magnitude faster than with passive labeling (≤ 24 hours vs. weeks to months).

Easy: Turnkey operation – simply load the buffers and your sample & probes. Perform 2 distinct labeling experiments simultaneously thanks to SmartLabel’s dual chamber design. 

Efficient: Uses a small amount of antibody (as little as ~3 µg) to label tissues the size of a whole mouse brain.

Reliable: Prevents tissue damage with Stochastic Electrotransport technology (Kim, PNAS, 2015). Our nanoporous membranes (patent-pending) eliminate tissue contamination and probe loss.

With SmartClear II Pro and SmartLabel, you can clear whole mouse brains in 4-5 days, immunolabel intact samples in 1-2 days rather than weeks of passive labeling, and produce stunning, reproducible, insight-rich data ready for publication.

Complete and Uniform Labeling

  • Achieves unparalleled uniformity of signal intensity from surface to core using LifeCanvas’s advanced eFLASH (Yun, bioRxiv, 2019) protocol.
  • Combines rapid, Stochastic Electrotransport-mediated (Kim, PNAS, 2015) infiltration of probes into tissue with the SWITCH technique (Murray, Cell, 2015) of controlling probe binding kinetics.

Cost Savings by Avoiding Target Saturation

  • Prevents antibody depletion caused by excessive binding to superficial tissue sites and ensures the sample’s center is well-labeled. 

Compatible with Many Cleared-Tissue Techniques

Download SmartLabel brochure here.

Anti-GFAP Staining in CA1 Hippocampus of 2-mm Thick Section of Mouse Brain

Volume rendering of anti-GFAP staining in a 2-mm thick section of mouse brain, with signal in CA1 hippocampus most prominent. Labeling achieved in 2 days using antibody electrophoresis performed by SmartLabel. Cleared with SmartClear II Pro (<1 day), refractive index-matched with EasyIndex, and light-sheet imaged with SmartSPIM (<4 minutes acquisition time with 2-µm z-step and 1.8 µm/pixel XY; 2×2 tile using a 3.6x, 0.2 NA objective). See more videos in the Life Canvas Technologies video gallery.