Nature recently published a Technology Feature about DNA nanotechnology including the big names of the field from Seeman to Rothemund, Shih, Douglas and many more. So we are very happy that GATTAquant – with the first commercial application of DNA origami worldwide – is mentioned amongst them, citing their CSO Max Scheible:

One popular adornment to nanostructured DNA is light-emitting materials called fluorophores. GATTAquant DNA Nanotechnologies in Braunschweig, Germany, for instance, makes nanorulers from DNA origami structures and fluorescent molecules to validate super-resolution microscopes. Super-resolution microscopy allows researchers to take images beyond the resolution limit set by the diffraction of light, but “there is no standard to measure the resolution of the system,” says Max Scheible, head of research and development at GATTAquant. “DNA nanotechnology really enabled this.”

GATTAquant attaches fluorescent molecules at precise distances on an origami structure and mounts them on glass slides. These nanoscale rulers allow researchers to verify the resolution of sub-diffraction-limit microscopes."

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Lim, X. The architecture of structured DNA. Nature 546, 687–689 (2017).