• Easy installation
  • Very economical
  • High resolution live cell imaging

LCI (Live Cell Instrument, South Korea) offer a range of innovative observation chambers and incubator systems under the Chamlide brand, and are now available in Australia exclusively from Lastek. 

Chamlide Magnetic Chambers use a patented magnetic system that allow for quick and easy assembly. They are semi-permanent, replacing consumable culture-ware and expensive coverslip-bottomed dishes.

Chamlide magnetic chambers use coverslips (thickness 0.15-0.20 mm), allowing for high resolution imaging.

Why observation chamber with coverslip?

According to Abbe's theory, the resolution of light microscope fully depends on the N.A. of the objective lens. Therefore, for high resolution microscopy, it is absolutely required to use high N.A. objective lenses, which unavoidably have very short working distance. The conventional plastic culture wares are not thin enough to use with a high N.A. lens; thus, one should use a coverslip with a thickness in the range of 0.15-0.20 mm. Besides, a coverslip does not emit auto-fluorescence and has an appropriate reflective index (~1.515) for use with oil or water immersion objective lenses.