The RWD Life Science  71000 Automated Stereotaxic Instrument is an automated and intelligent stereotaxic instrument with high precision (1 μm). The software has built-in rat and mouse brain atlas and automatic procedures (skull window, tissue removal and automated injection procedure), which can be observing the position of the probe relative to the brain area is convenient and efficient, and the operation is easy to use, greatly reducing the errors and damage caused by manual operation. In addition, it has an anti-collision function to prevent animal damage caused by wrong movement, which is safer.


  • Precision: 1micron resolution. Motor instead of manual, precise control of displacement.
  • Precise Positioning Without Leveling: Atlas Calibration Function, accurate positioning without leveling.
  • Atlas Integration: Visualization of probe displacement.
  • Tiltable Injection: Manipulators Tilt Function, no need to manually calculate the positioning path.
  • Automated Functions: Automated procedures such as Skull Window, Tissue Removal, and Automated Injection programs are more efficient and convenient.
  • High Repeatability