Piezosystem Jena: PZ 300 AP z-axis elevator stage for standard and inverted microscopes

Piezosystem Jena

The accuracy and speed of probe positioning is a critical and important value for microscopy techniques such as laser scanning microscopy, or other techniques including fluorescent, super resolution, or image processing. In order to provide the user with a tool able to improve these techniques, piezosystem jena provides the new PZ 300 piezoelectric actuator based z-axis elevator stage for microscopes.

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Mad City Labs: RM21 Microscope platform for the future

mad city labs rm21

Mad CIty Labs' RM21™ is a precision aligned microscope platform for epifluorescence microscopy. The RM21™ has been designed for maximum user accessibility. This feature offers users the opportunity to develop flexible configuration microscopy instruments with ease. It has been manufactured with high precision to allow easy alignment of microscopy and optical components within its three dimensional space. In addition, all posts and fixturing points are referenced to a known datum. With a robust design, precision manufacturing and assembly, the RM21™ is the ideal platform for a range of microscopy applications such as super resolution (SR) microscopy, fluorescence microscopy and TIRF.

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