The SIOS SP 15000 C5 calibration laser interferometer was specially developed to meet the high demands of machine and equipment manufacturers. All measured variables such as length, pitch angle, yaw angle as well as straightness in x- and y-alignment are recorded with high precision by laser interferometry, whereby the same highly stable laser frequency is used in all three length measurement channels. This enables synchronous, continuous 5 DOF measurements. Complete machine acceptance or volumetric compensation can be implemented using the optional software.

The highly accurate dynamic acquisition of guiding characteristics of machine axes as well as the subsequent standard-compliant calibration are a very labor- and time-intensive process, which ultimately leads to a high positioning accuracy.

Due to the compact design of the straightness optics, the straightness mirror is directly attached to the sensor head. Thus, only two components have to be assembled and aligned to each other. Even in cramped or difficult-to-access spaces, the measurement system can be quickly installed and reliably adjusted.

The fiber optic coupling of the sensor head and the integrated beam direction detection support the easy handling and adjustment. The calibration interferometer does not require an additional stand. It can be placed directly on the stable machine bed. This minimizes the number of optical components to be aligned.

For large measuring ranges or calibration tasks, wireless radio temperature sensors or our LCS precision climate measuring station are preferred.

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  • flexible length measuring system of highest accuracy
  • highly accurate length measurements over long distances
  • synchronous, continuous 5 DOF measurement of length, pitch and yaw angle, and straightness
  • easy handling and adjustment due to integrated beam direction detection
  • large tilt invariance of the measuring reflector
  • beam distance: 50 mm
  • horizontal and vertical straightness component measurable by swiveling optics
  • extensive trigger options
  • open interfaces for OEM software under Windows and Linux
  • calibration software according to the currently valid standards

Areas of application

  • high-precision calibration of axes on measuring machines, machine tools and coordinate measuring machines
  • laser interferometric measurements on guides
  • high-precision simultaneous length and angle measurement

Ideal for

  • calibration
  • quality control
  • volumetric compensation
  • development