LaVision SprayMaster systems provide new insights into even complex spray processes and permit cost effective and efficient development of smarter spray systems.

Sprays in various fields of application are encountered in our daily lives much more frequently than we realize.

Whether it's hand disinfectant sprays that are likely to be at the top of the list given the ongoing pandemic, fuel injectors in our cars, paint sprays for industrial or private purposes, or deodorants and hair sprays we use, sprays come in different forms and in diverse applications.

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Besides a short introduction, take a look at how the SprayMaster inspex system can comprehensively characterize homecare and beauty sprays. Our SprayMaster systems are used for quick online tests of paint sprays as well as for production monitoring and quality control of fuel sprays !

Especially for laboratory testing and quality control, LaVision has developed its laboratory test chamber equipped with the latest SprayMaster quality control software, which automatically collects the desired measurement data and archives it in a customized test protocol.

The SprayMaster SLIPI effectively removes stray light from Mie and LIF spray images, revealing spray structures in unprecedented quality.

Our ParticleMaster system obtains a comprehensive analysis of the inner details of spray droplets - such as size, shape, velocity and all related statistics.