LaVision ParticleMaster


Particle Imaging

LaVision’sParticleMaster imaging systems measure simultaneously size, shape and velocity of individual particles, droplets or bubbles dispersed in gas, liquid or multiphase flows. High-magnification shadow imaging with eye-safe LEDs or ultra-short laser pulses is applied giving confidence in the measurement method, as you can directly see the results of the particle imaging process.
Data acquisition and interactive image analysis with direct feedback and instant result generation are performed with the powerful ParticleMaster software module in DaVis. 

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LaVision SprayMaster

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Laser Imaging in Sprays

LaVision‘s SprayMaster laser imaging system applies LIF and Mie imaging on pulsed laser light sheets. While the volume dependent LIF signal scales with the droplet mass, the simultaneously excited Mie signal is proportional to the droplet surface. Hence the LIF/Mie image ratio is used for planar global droplet sizing yielding the Sauter Mean Diamter (D32) distribution over the measured spray cross section.
A special 2-color Tracer-LIF technique allows the simultaneous visualization of the liquid and vapor phase of the evaporating spray.

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