Using a measurement system from LaVision based on the 4D-PTV Shake-the-Box method, various wave structures around piles are tested by the scientists.

The piles were prepared in different ways, some were painted plain black, others are covered with sandpaper of different grain sizes, and some have been given a "fur" of carpets of different lengths. The piles - ranging from smooth to fluffy - simulate the foundation structures of offshore wind turbines and a variety of marine growth. The main focus of the investigations is on force effects, vortex shedding and flow patterns generated by the different shaped piles.

In the course of the research project "EnviSim4Mare" the influence of mussel and algae growth on offshore wind turbines is investigated.

With the Shake-the-Box flow field measurement technique the flow can be measured without influencing the flow as with other methods. The scientists have planned around 400 experiments with different camera settings.

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Image Courtesy of: TU Braunschweig, Leichtweiß-Institut für Wasserbau, Abt. Hydromechanik, Küsteningenieurwesen und Seebau