Scalar Imaging in Mixing Fluids and Thermal Flows

LaVision’s FluidMaster laser imaging systems measure scalar flow properties such as concentration, mixture fraction, fluid composition and temperature in various fluid dynamical applications. For scalar laser imaging in fluids Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) is the most versatile and practical measurement technique featuring high signal levels and spectral selectivity.

Beside accurate signal calibration the LIF software package in DaVis supports preprocessing routines accounting for background offset, nonuniform laser sheet profile, laser pulse-to-pulse fluctuations, image vignetting and distortion.

For LIF imaging accurate flow seeding with LIF-active molecular flow tracers is required and essential for successful measurements. LaVision has strong expertise in flow seeding including the appropriate use of each flow marker and in providing the necessary seeding device.


  • integrated and modular system design for multi-parameter measurements
  • complete hardware operation under DaVis software control
  • extensive DaVis LIF image processing toolbox
  • incl. laser sheet correction and laser beam absorption compensation

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