LaVision EngineMaster

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Laser Imaging in Engines

LaVision’s EngineMaster laser imaging systems provide information on fuel injection, mixture preparation, pre-combustion, flame species, NO formation and soot production. In-cylinder flow fields are measured with our FlowMaster PIVsystems. Crank angle resolved in-cylinder laser imaging is performed on pulsed laser light sheets in optical engines or applying keyhole imaging using minimal invasive endoscopes.

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1992 25 BR Automotive


LaVision FlameMaster

1847 24 FlameMastersystem

(Laser) Imaging in Flames

LaVision‘s FlameMaster system family is designed to find new concepts for the realization of more efficient and cleaner combustion devices. These (laser) imaging systems are designed for multi-parameter measurements in all kind of flames with high spatial and temporal resolution.

Our FlameMaster imaging systems support online flame monitoring in industrial devices and provide quantitative information about species (particle) concentration, gas composition and flame temperature in laser illuminated flame areas. For each imaged combustion parameter a dedicated set of hardware and software modules is provided offering the possibility for straightforward system upgrades. This modular nature for imaging upgrades provides full flexibility for different flame imaging applications.

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1993 25 BR Combustion

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