Quantum Composers: 9250 Emerald Series Pulse Delay Generator

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The Emerald 9250 is the newest addition to Quantum Composer's line of Digital Delay Pulse Generators. This unit will come standard with a 1 ppm OCXO oscillator, giving you performance you want without extra cost.

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MMR Hall Effect

MMR's Variable Temperature Hall System (VTHS) allows the user to make automatic measurements of resistivity, mobility and carrier concentration of a wide range of samples using the Van der Pauw method over a temperature range from 70K to 730K. Sample mounting is simple and allows rapid interchange of samples. The VTHS Hall Measurement Controller, the H-50, is compatible with a variety of computers through an IEEE-488 (GPIA) or RS-232 interface. MMR's Benchtop Electromagnet and Programmable Power Supply complement the VTHS. The system uses the VTHS Dewar described below.

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