Light sheet fluorescence microscopy with the UltraMicroscope II enables you to visualize whole biological systems. Moving the sample through the light sheets allows the generation of sharp and bright 3D images. Whether imaging large tissue samples or even entire organs, you are equipped for the task at hand regardless of the clearing protocol and imaging solution being used.

The UltraMicroscope II comes in two configurations

Both setups feature an easy-to-access sample chamber, which can accommodate large samples. Homogeneous fluorescence excitation is achieved by six light sheets that illuminate the sample from both sides. 

The Super Plan configuration includes an automated detection unit delivering unprecedented image resolution and quality. Specially developed for light sheet microscopy, the MI Plan objective series maximizes the imaging performance in all clearing media. The Super Plan Module is also available as an upgrade for existing UltraMicroscope II systems. With its easy handling and magnification adjustment, the Zoom body configuration is the ideal choice for a multi-user environment.

User friendly

An intuitive design, short training time for new users, and minimal staff support requirements make this light sheet microscope the perfect tool for imaging facilities.

Easy adaptation

Apply any clearing protocol and make use of the automated refractive index compensation to maintain high image quality. 

High flexibility

Benefit from our objective lens series designed and optimized specifically for light sheet imaging. Our modular light sheet technology can be tailored to your needs.

From overview to cellular imaging

Explore cellular details in high resolution without losing sight of the big picture.


Download brochure: here.

Download: Cancer Pathology immuno-oncology with the Ultramicroscope II 

Download: Selected References in the Neurosciences

Download poster: In Vivo Labeling for Ex Vivo 3D Tracking of CAR T cells 

Download: 3D imaging and analysis of CAR T cells in solid tumors by UltraMicroscope light sheet systems

Video: Light sheet microscopy image of mouse cortex

Cortex of a mouse brain imaged with the UltraMicroscope II.


Video: Pancreatic carcinoma cell line with infiltrating CAR T cells

The video shows a xenograft of a human pancreatic carcinoma cell line with infiltrating CAR T cells. Sample preparation involved whole-mount immunolabeling followed by ethyl cinnamate (ECi) clearing. The 3D data of the tumor were created with the UltraMicroscope II light sheet microscope. CAR T cells were labeled using the REA844 clone conjugated with Vio® 667 (violet), detecting human CD271 (LNGFR). Vasculature was stained by rhodamine-lectin (orange). Remaining GFP expression of carcinoma cells is shown in green.


Drosophila melanogaster larvae, autofluorescence.

E12 mouse embryo labeled with anti-ChAT (red) and anti-TAG-1 (green) antibodies and cleared with 3DISCO. Chloé Dominici & Alain Chédotal, Institut de la Vision, Paris, France.