Light Conversion

Light Conversion's Pharos femtosecond laser: 15 years of precision
Light Conversion: PHAROS Modular-Design Industrial-Grade Femtosecond Lasers
Light Conversion Femtosecond Laser CARBIDE series expansion
The construction of a new 15 TW laser for ELI-ALPS – an innovative approach to TW level systems will open new horizons.
Light Conversion Cronus-3P: Laser Source for Advanced Microscopy
Light Conversion ORPHEUS-MIR: The source for broadband mid-IR pulses
Increased Power and Energy from Light Conversion's Carbide Femtosecond Laser
Light Conversion Optical Parametric Chirped-Pulse Amplification Systems: Product Comparison Table
Light Conversion OPA TOPAS: Optical Parametric Amplifiers for 800 nm Lasers Product Comparison Table
Light Conversion T/PA Single-Shot Autocorrelator for Pulse-Front Tilt and Pulse Duration Measurements
Light Conversion CARPET View Spectroscopy Data Analysis Software
Light Conversion HARPIA-TB: Third Beam Delivery Extension
Light Conversion HARPIA-TF Femtosecond Fluorescence Upconversion & TCSPC Extension
Light Conversion HARPIA-TA: Ultrafast Transient Absorption Spectrometer
Light Conversion HARPIA: Femtosecond Extended Spectroscopic Systems
Light Conversion OPCPA-HR High Repetition Rate OPCPA Systems
Light Conversion OPCPA-HE High Energy OPCPA Systems
Light Conversion TOPAS Prime: Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier
Light Conversion OPA Orpheus: Optical Parametric Amplifiers for 1030 nm Lasers Product Comparison Table
Light Conversion Pharos Automated Harmonics Generators