Light Conversion TOPAS-HR High Repetition Rate Optical Parametric Amplifier

topas hr

Light Conversion 's TOPAS‑HR is an optical parametric amplifier designed for high repetition rate (10 kHz – 1 MHz) applications. Built on a well established TOPAS ORPHEUS base, TOPAS‑HR provides high output stability throughout the entire tuning range, high output pulse and beam quality, full automation via USB port as well as optional frequency mixing stages to extend the tuning range.

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Light Conversion TOPAS-800: Picosecond Optical Parametric Amplifier

topas 400 800

Light Conversion's TOPAS-800-ps is a 4 stage picosecond optical parametric generator/amplifier. It is pumped by a fundamental harmonic of a picosecond Ti:sapphire laser amplifier and continuously covers wavelength range from 1160 to 2600 nm. With optional frequency mixers this range can be extended down to 189 nm and up to 20 μm.

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Light Conversion TOPAS-White: Non-Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier

topas white

Light Conversion's TOPAS-white is a high energy two amplification stage non – collinear OPA (NOPA) with built in pulse compressor. A non – collinear pumping scheme of an OPA is used when the collinear approach reaches its limits in respect to broad spectral bandwidth and/or extremely short pulses (< 20 fs). The basic principle of operation of NOPA relies on parametric amplification of chirped signal produced by supercontinuum (white-light) generation. The non-collinear geometry is used due to broad amplification bandwidth in the visible spectral range.

TOPAS-white has a unique optical setup, which allows pumping the device with more than 200 μJ of energy and achieving more than 60 μJ of output at 550 nm.

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Light Conversion SHBC-TOPAS-400-WL Narrow Bandwidth Optical Parametric Amplifier

shbc topas 400

Light Conversion's Second Harmonic Bandwidth Compressor (SHBC)-TOPAS-400-WL system is a nonlinear optics device devoted for generation of a narrow bandwidth (3 – 20 cm-1) continuously wavelength tunable pulse when pumped by a femtosecond pulse with bandwidth of 150 – 500 cm-1.

The device is pumped by a fundamental harmonic of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser amplifier and continuously covers wavelength range from 480 to 2400 nm. With optional frequency mixers this range can be extended down to 240 nm and up to 10 microns.

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Light Conversion TOPAS Twins: Two Independently Tunable Optical Parametric Amplifiers

topas twins


Light Conversion's TOPAS‑Twins are two independently tunable optical parametric amplifiers (OPAs) integrated into single housing. Both OPAs share the same white light source to provide excellent and bound up stability of both outputs. Shared white light enables the user to generate CEP locked mid‑IR pulses in 4.5 – 15 μm range.

The maximum pump energy into each OPA depends on the pulse duration; see the specifications for more details. Both OPAs come with wavelength extension options, which can cover the wavelength range from 240 nm to 20 μm. Output specifications for each OPA are the same as of TOPAS‑Prime.

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Light Conversion HE-TOPAS Prime: High Energy Optical Parametric Amplifier

he topas

Light Conversion's HE‑TOPAS‑Prime is a 3‑stage femtosecond optical parametric amplifier of white-light continuum. It is a TOPAS‑Prime with additional high energy and low dispersion amplification stage which allows using up to 60 mJ of pump energy (or even more for custom solutions) and maintaining the shortest possible pulses at the output. Two product lines of HE‑TOPAS‑Prime are available: a "standard energy" line with input energy of up to 8 mJ @35 fs (up to 20 mJ @100 fs) and HE‑TOPAS‑Prime‑Plus with increased input energy acceptance of up to  18 mJ @ 35 fs (up to 47 mJ @ 100 fs). 60 mJ input energy is possible with longer input pulse of ~150 fs.

Both product lines come with wavelength extension options, which can cover the maximum wavelength range from 189 nm to 20 μm for HE‑TOPAS‑Prime and 240 nm to 20 μm for HE‑TOPAS‑Prime‑Plus.

We also offer a HE‑TOPAS‑800‑ps model for picosecond pump pulses.

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Light Conversion TOPAS Prime: Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier

topas prime

Light Conversion TOPAS‑Prime is a two stage femtosecond optical parametric amplifier of white-light continuum. Two product lines of TOPAS‑Prime are available: a "standard energy" line with input energy of up to 3.5 mJ @ 35 fs (up to 4 mJ @ 100 fs) and TOPAS‑Prime‑Plus with increased input energy acceptance of up to 5 mJ @ 35 – 100 fs.

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Light Conversion OPA TOPAS: Optical Parametric Amplifiers for 800 nm Lasers Product Comparison Table

Products Pump energy Pump duration Tuning range Output pulse duration Special features Max repetition rate
TOPAS‑Prime (Plus) 0.15 – 5 mJ (1) 20 – 200 fs 189 nm – 20 µm 30 – 150 fs Cost effective 20 kHz
HE‑TOPAS‑Prime (Plus) 5 – 60 mJ (1) Highest energy
TOPAS‑twins 0.15 – 4 mJ (2) Two OPA in a single box
SHBC‑TOPAS‑400 0.3 – 4 mJ 240 nm – 10 µm 1 – 5 ps fs to ps conversion
TOPAS‑white 0.1 – 1 mJ 35 – 200 fs 250 nm – 1 µm 15 – 40 fs Shortest output pulse duration
TOPAS‑800‑ps 0.2 – 5 mJ 1 – 4 ps 189 nm – 20 µm 0.8 – 4 ps Picosecond operation
TOPAS‑HR 0.01 – 0.2 mJ < 150 fs 290 nm – 2.6 µm < 150 fs High repetition rate 1 MHz

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Light Conversion I-OPA for PHAROS: Optical Parametric Amplifier I-OPA, Industrial grade


Light Conversion's I‑OPA is an optical parametric amplifier of white‑light continuum pumped by the PHAROS laser. This OPA is focused on generating long‑term stable output with reliable and hands‑free operation. Manually tunable output wavelength extends the application possibi­lities of a single laser source instead of requiring multiple lasers based on different technologies.

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Light Conversion Orpheus-PS :Narrow Bandwidth Optical Parametric Amplifier

orpheus PS

Light Conversion's ORPHEUS‑PS is a narrow bandwidth optical parametric amplifier of white light continuum designed for PHAROS pump laser. This device is pumped by the picosecond pulses produced in SHBC‑515 narrow bandwidth second harmonic generator and seeded by white light continuum generated by femtosecond pulses. This enables to achieve very high pulse to pulse stability compared to other methods of generating tunable picosecond pulses. The white light generation module is also integrated into the same housing as amplification modules enabling even better long term stability and ease of use. The system features high conversion efficiency, nearly bandwidth and diffraction limited output, full computer control via USB port and LabVIEW drivers.

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