Laser Quantum femtosecond laser systems

Laser Quantum taccor

Laser Quantum manufacture a range of femtosecond lasers and oscillators covering short pulses and high power with GHz repetition rates.  

Laser Quantum MHz


The MHz range is based on meeting the needs of the application by offering different architectures, pulse durations and operations. The self-starting and maintaining mechanism of the gecco is extra-cavity and takes only the start button and mode locking is achieved within 5 minutes. The Venteon range is based on ultra short pulse durations.

gecco – Power, pulse duration and repetition rate options are available.

Venteon PULSE basic – Compact and robust source for sub 8fs pulses.

Venteon PULSE power – Sub 8fs pulses optimised for maximum power.

Laser Quantum GHz


Gigahertz repetition rates can offer many benefits over megahertz lasers in a variety of applications. Mode spacing in frequency combs have better separation and higher powers, two photon microscopists will see equivalent image quality, but have a 5-10 times longer sample viability due to the lower peak power and pump-probe experiments have a greater resolution. 

gigajets – A range of oscillators that offer power, pulse width, tenability, twin outputs. The oscillator cavity is open for technical optimisation and can be powered by an external pump laser.

taccor – A series of hermetically sealed, plug and play lasers designed for simple interaction. The self-starting mechanism requires only the press of a button.


Toptica Femtosecond Fibre Lasers

Ultrafast fs and ps Fiber Lasers from Toptica

Next generation ultrafast fiber lasers for research and industry

 Toptica's growing range of next-generation ultrafast fiber lasers encompasses a broad selection of output power, wavelength range and timescale regimes. Click "read more" to see detailed matrix of available models.

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Clark-MXR CPA Series

Clark-MXR CPA-Series lasers are the only fully integrated kHz Ti:Sapphire laser systems on the market today. The turn-key nature of this extremely compact laser accentuates its productivity and utility.

With a truly No Tweak™ design, these lasers will run for days without the need to periodically readjust it to optimize performance.

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