Gentec-EO offers a wide range of high accuracy laser power meters suitable for all professional uses that require a precision measurement, from industrial to medical and even scientific uses.

Depending on your laser specifications and needs, you can purchase a laser power measurement system by choosing a power detector and an aquisition/readout device separately or you can go with an all-in-one, portable laser power meter.

We recommend that you start by selecting the power detector that meets your requirements and then choose a compatible acquisition/readout device.


With our standard power detector offering, you can measure power from 0.3 nW to 100,000 W. To measure such a wide range, we rely on five state-of-the-art technologies:


Thermal detectors

Pyroelectric detectors

Integrating sphere detectors

Water calorimeters

Each technology is used to measure within a defined laser power range and to work with specific laser specifications such as power density, wavelength and beam diameter.

To quickly find the detector you need, we recommend that you use our product finder at the bottom of this page. It will ask you 3 simple questions and will return only detectors that work with your laser specs.


To have a full laser power measurement system, you will need an acquisition & readout device along with your power detector.

We offer devices with a wide range of different features to fit all needs.

Whether you prefer to see your measurement on a large touch screen color LCD display or on your computer through USB/RS-232 connectivity, we have all that covered.


Need a compact and portable laser power measurement system that is both easy to use and appropriate for all professional uses without compromise? We have solutions for that too.

Our PRONTO series are so compact they fit in your pocket.

Our power detectors are also available in their BLU and INTEGRA version, which are respectively wireless and USB/RS-232 integrated connectors. With them, you can measure laser power directly on your PC, thus eliminating the need to carry a separate acquisition/readout device.

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