Gentec-EO offer pyroelectric-based terahertz measurement systems that are very easy to use at room temperature. Start by finding a terahertz detector that matches your light source specifications and then choose a compatible display device or PC interface to read the data. 

Terahertz Detectors

Our terahertz power detectors are designed to work for specific light source parameters such as beam dimension, wavelength and beam profile. It's important that you select a detector that fits with your specifications.

To do so, we recommend that you use our PRODUCT FINDER tool. It will ask you 3 simple questions and will return only recommended products.

Alternatively, you can also browse all Gentec-EO terahertz detectors by clicking here.

Terahertz Displays and PC Interfaces

To have a full laser terahertz measurement system, you will need a separate display device or PC-interface to acquire and read the data.

We offer devices with a wide range of different features to fit all needs.

Whether you prefer to get your measurement on a large touch screen color LCD display or on your computer through USB/RS-232 connectivity, we have it all covered.

Click here for an overview of the display solutions available.


Lasers, Light & other EM Sources