nLight's Corona high power fiber lasers with advanced metal processing technology feature programmable beam quality enabled by groundbreaking all-fiber technology. Rapid tuning of the laser spot size optimizes machine tool performance across all metals and thicknesses.​​

  • Advanced Metal Processing.
  • High-power fiber lasers with programmable beam technology.
  • Uninterrupted processing of thin and thick materials.​

Users can switch from small spot size beams for maximum optical intensity—ideal for cutting thin material and for processing with nitrogen—to large donut-shaped beams used for cutting thick material with CO2-like edge quality.​​

Features and benefits.

  • 3 to 15kW power options
  • ​Delivers excellent productivity for ​advanced cutting and welding applications.​​
  • Optimized tuning of beam ​size and shape
  • ​Maintains fiber laser performance, ​stability, efficiency, and reliability with spot sizes and beam shapes from small top-hat to large donut mode.
  • Rapid beam switching​
  • Beam adjustments in less than 30ms ​allows for real-time optimization of each ​process step while maintaining full-power operation. ​​

Read Technical Paper "Advanced metal processing enabled by fiber lasers with tunable beam properties" here.

Back-reflection protection
​Hardware-based back-reflection protection allows processing of even the most reflective metals with no interruptions or damage to the laser.​​

Innovative all-fiber beam shaping​
All-fiber technology does not use complex, performance-limiting hardware such as free-space ​optics, zoom process heads, and external fiber-to-fiber couplers.​​

Unparalleled serviceability​
Modular design simplifies repairs and​ maximizes uptime. ​​​​​

Which laser is right for you?
High power fiber lasers with advanced metal processing technology have been integrated into nLIGHT’s portfolio of products, giving you the right amount of power and a tunable beam. These features can help your business become more profitable.​​​


Fast Speeds. 3-5kW. CFX-5000. 
Download datasheet here.

Really Fast. 6-10kW. CFX-8000
Download datasheet here. 

Ultra Fast. 12-15kW. CFX-15000
Download datasheet here.

Blazing Fast. 20kW. CFX- 20000
Download datasheet here. 

6kW cutting speeds in a 5kW form factor
Download datasheet here. 

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