Lastek is pleased to announce that it has been appointed distributor in Australia and New Zealand for the range of innovative scientific imaging cameras designed and manufactured by Tucsen Photonics Co., Ltd, of Fuzhou, China. 

Scientific imaging is an application with extreme requirements for image fidelity and accuracy. In this highly specialized field, Tucsen strives to deliver high performance and high quality products, leveraging the spirit of enterprise in efforts to win the market and customers with products tailored to their individual requirements.

Innovation Pioneer

Tucsen's core products are the world's first back-illuminated sCMOS cameras (Dhyana95 and Dhyana400BSI) for life science research, astronomical discovery, physical microparticle detection, and cutting-edge medical imaging. In addition, they offer a popular high quality embedded camera (TrueChrome), which is used in industrial inspection, pathology, surgical video, jewelry inspection and other industrial applications. The range is completed by standardized industrial cameras and software (MIchrome camera and Mosaic software) that are one of the most popular product combinations in the field of general microscopy.

Forge ahead

Tucsen was established in 2011 and is headquartered in the Fuzhou, Fujian Province of China. It has more than 120 employees. Their mission is to accelerate the potential of scientific imaging for each user. In response to the rapid changes in market technology, small batch, multi-variety customization, and frequent production characteristics, Tucsen has established two R&D subsidiaries and two state of the art manufacturing facilities. The coordinated structure of their business enables them to respond quickly and deliver high quality and innovative products to their customers.  As one of the world's leading providers of digital imaging equipment, with distributors in dozens of countries including: the United States; Japan; Germany; the United Kingdom; France; the Netherlands and now Australia and New Zealand. 

In today's "digital revolution", 80% of physical information depends on imaging to the digital world, and our scientific imaging experience is of great significance.

Latest products:

Dhyana95 V2

Dhyana 400BSI V2

FL-20BW Cooled Monochrome CMOS Camera