AdValue Photonics is a leading manufacturer of innovative fiber lasers for materials processing, scientific, LIDAR, and medical markets. Founded in 2007, the company has a reputation for delivering groundbreaking products based on its proprietary fiber laser technology. We develop and manufacture products by focusing on innovation, high quality, and cost-effectiveness. Fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, broadband fiber sources, and fiber-based components are the main lines of the products we offer to the market. AdValue Photonics offers the broadest range of fiber lasers and associated products in the 2 µm wavelength range. In addition, we have recently introduced several highly differentiated products at 1 µm and 1.55 µm. If you do not see exactly what you need, we may be able to offer a customized solution that meets your requirements.

Product Overview:

  • Fiber lasers with wavelength at 515 nm (Green), 1 μm, 1.55 μm, and 2 μm
  • Pulsed lasers in nanoseconds, picoseconds, and femtoseconds
  • High pulse energy and peak power, with narrow linewidth capabilities
  • Largest 2 μm product portfolio in the industry - Fiber laser related components


  • EVERESTnano Green Pulsed Laser (AP-515) Industrial Pulsed Green Laser for materials processing applications.
  • EVERESTpico 1 µm Picosecond Laser (AP-1030P) Industrial All-Fiber Picosecond Laser for materials processing applications.
  • Pulsed Single-Frequency Fiber Laser (AP-P-SF) High pulse energy of 1 mJ in single longitudinal mode with wavelength option at 2 µm, 1.55 µm, and 1 µm.