ALIO Industries began in 2001 with an idea to create “a better way” to meet the nano-precision robotic needs. This initial idea has grown into an ever-expanding product line that includes Hexapod robotic systems, air bearing systems and mechanical bearing linear and rotary nano-precision systems for atmospheric, clean room and ultra high vacuum chambers all with TRUE NANO Positioning™.

Industries served include semiconductor, biomedical, ink jet deposition, lithography, nano/micro machining, metrology & synchrotron.

ALIO, (which is Latin for “A better way.”) is an innovator in nano technology motion systems. ALIO’s designs exceed current standards of precision product designs for automation technology. Holding two patents for the Parallel 6 Axis Hexapod and the Parallel 3 Axis Tripod as well as several patent pending for nano Z stages and planar air bearing systems, ALIO has set the pace for nano-precision design and systems.

ALIO’s linear and rotary stage lines were designed to be cost effective and complement the market demand for high quality, nano-precision motion. These applications can be used in normal atmospheric environments, clean rooms, and vacuum chamber environments. ALIO’s design of the rotary stages can be utilized for stand-alone motion or stackable for various serial kinematic structures.

ALIO has also developed a series of standard and custom True Nano (™) air bearing stages for nano-precision applications. These robust stages offer the same 5-nanometer resolution capabilities as our standard products with high stiffness and speeds from1 micron/sec to over 1 m/sec depending on application needs. These air-bearing stages are well suited when smooth, precise motion is required for advanced FPD, Photovoltaic and Semiconductor metrology, process and repair.

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