• Ideal for OEMs and Applications Requiring Rapid Switching
  • Micro-B USB and Picoflex® Connectors for Control Signals
  • Multi-Drop Serial Communication Protocol Supported
  • SM1-Threaded (1.035"-40) Ports for Mounted Optics or Other Components
  • Photo-Interrupter Optical Sensor Technology for Precise Positioning
  • Compatible with 30 mm Cage System Components
  • Post Mount Adapter Available Below

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Thorlabs offers multi-position sliders with millisecond switching times enabled by Thorlabs' Elliptec™ piezoelectric resonant motor technology. The ELL6 Dual-Position Slider and the ELL9 Four-Position Slider are both available as standalone units, as well as in complete packages that include an interface board (Item #s ELL6K and ELL9K, respectively.) Our compact and lightweight multi-position sliders all use the same custom-designed PCB, with the ELL6 featuring one motor and the ELL9 including two. The motors are highly dynamic and have no gearing. As the motor includes no magnets, it is compatible with EM-sensitive environments. Please see The Elliptec™ Motor tab for more information.

The open frame format, versatility, and simplicity of these sliders make them attractive for OEM applications, as they can be customized according to customer requirements and produced in high-volume quantities. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements so that we may tailor a solution to meet the needs of your application.

There are multiple options for powering, driving, and controlling these multi-position sliders, which are detailed in the Operating the Dual-Position and Four-Position Slider section of the Operation tab. Each slider possesses a 3.3 V serial bus and is designed to be operated with or without the interface board; the Pin Diagram tab provides pin assignments. Thorlabs offers software for our Elliptec products capable of providing full and independent control of the slider. When the interface board is used as an accessory to change the position of the carriage on the slider, the carriage's status in the software is automatically updated. Please note that the dual-position and four-position sliders are not designed for continuous operation. We recommend operation with duty cycles of 40% or less.

The multi-drop communications bus offers the option of connecting the slider to a hybrid network of up to 16 Elliptec resonant motor products and controlling the connected units with a device such as a microprocessor. When multiple units are connected to the same interface board, all can be controlled simultaneously using either the software or the buttons on the interface board. 

Application Idea
The ELL6 dual-position and ELL9 four-position sliders are well suited as filter changers, and the ELL6 is also recommended as shutter. Their carriages feature SM1-threaded (1.035"-40) bores with 3.5 mm deep threads, and four 4-40 tapped holes in their structural PCBs allow the sliders to be mounted using the low-profie ELLA1 Post Mount Adapter, available below, and integrated into optical setups using Thorlabs' 30 mm Cage System components.