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BioAnalyzer Gel – Proteomic Imaging System for Unstained and Stained Gels

Imaging without staining
The BioAnalyzer Gel offers new perspectives in Gel Electrophoresis, as no dyes are required to make the protein spots visible. The BioAnalyzer Gel utilizes native fluorescence of amino acids (tryptophane, tyrosine…) to visualize the proteins within the gel.

The outstanding advantage is of course time and cost reduction. Neither lengthy diffusion based staining processes nor covalent modifications are necessary. In addition the native fluorescence is highly quantitative. After imaging the gel can be directly processed by subsequent methods. Because of unstained proteins no purifying process is required.

Features / Specifications

Reads unstained as well as stained protein gels
Multi-Color Detection, UV and 3 visible excitation wavelengths
Sensitivity: unstained gels better than 1ng/band, stained gels better than 0.1ng/band (e.g. 2.5fmol Sypro Ruby stained)
Signal Resolution 16bit
Dimensions 40x77x73cm
Gel Dimensions up to 30x30cm
High resolution and fast data acquisition <15 min reading time for maximum area @ 50 µm resolution
Simple exchange of filters allows flexible adaptation to new dyes
Prepared for spot picking

Press Note

System Components

The BioAnalyzer Gel is a flexible and user friendly instrument. A unique photo multiplier detector guarantees highest sensitivity and shortest acquisition time. In addition white light illumination in combination with advanced filter technique delivers unmatched flexibility.

Proprietary sensor setup (PMT based)
UV and visible illumination
Removable easy-to-handle gel tray
Motorized slider for 4 sets of filters 1 UV filter set, up to 3 VIS filter sets

The BioAnalyzer 2D Gel come with a user friendly software that makes data acquisition fast and easy

Key Software Features:
Free choice of wave length
Export to various file formats e.g. TIF, BMP, JPG
Set of image processing algorithms
Comfortable sensitivity adaptation