Lyncée Tec are very happy to officially launch Lyncée Tec Challenge 2022! The goal of the challenge is to encourage exploration of the potential of high laterally resolved vibration analysis with DHM and to reward the best application a DHM Holographic MEMS Analyzer!

Register before July 30th 2022 and WIN a DHM! More details please visit

The Lyncée Tec Reflection DHM series (DHM®-R1000, DHM®-R2100 and DHM®-R2200) are reflection configured holographic microscopes. They are ideal for measuring totally and partially reflecting objects. Their ability to work with low reflective interfaces (down to less than 1% reflectivity), make them ideal instruments for accurate optical topography measurements on a large variety of samples.

With their high acquisition rate and ease of use, DHM® instruments allow rapid routine inspections, automated industrial quality control as well as innovative R&D applications, particularly for dynamic observations. 

Examples of full-field of view vibration and transient analysis by DHM

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