Omega Optical’s Research and Development team has been hard at work! They are now able to offer broad-band antireflection coatings on long-pass, short-pass, band-pass and notch filters on fibre tips using both semi-hard and hard-oxide materials. Omega is currently delivering preproduction quantities to it’s customers.

Both single and multimode fibre can be coated, although the angular distribution in multimode fibre must be considered regarding AOI distributions at the coatings. The coatings can be designed to work when coupled to another fibre or to air.

A wide range of filter designs are available including antireflection, bandpass, shortpass, longpass, and partial reflectors.

The tips can be connectorized, bare, tapered, or lensed. 


• Laser Coupling
• Fibre Lasers
• Fibre Raman Probes
• Fibre-Based Flow Cytometry
• Laser eye Surgery
• Fibre Interferometers

Download technical note pdf for further information here.