Reliability redefined: Ekspla's new femtosecond industrial laser built to work 24/7/365 without interruption
Ekspla's Photosonus M+ introduced in latest issue of “Review of Scientific Instruments”
Ekspla FemtoLux 30 Industrial Femtosecond Laser
Ekspla UltraFlux FT300 Tunable Wavelength Femtosecond Laser System
The construction of a new 15 TW laser for ELI-ALPS – an innovative approach to TW level systems will open new horizons.
New Ekspla tunable wavelength picosecond laser: tunability from 210 to 2300 nm from the one box
Ekspla: Employing SFG spectroscopy in protein structure studies
Ekspla: Even more research possibilities by employing new high-energy tunable wavelength lasers
Ekspla: Higher imaging depth and resolution in photoacoustics with a new laser source
Ekspla: New and Promising Applications in Laser Materials Processing
Ekspla: New industrial picosecond laser Atlantic models feature higher average power and longer lifetime
Ekspla Laser Electronics
Ekspla T-SPEC Series Real-time Terahertz Spectrometer
Ekspla T-Fiber Series Fiber Coupled Terahertz Spectrometer
Ekspla CARS Microspectrometer
Ekspla SFG Spectrometer Sum Frequency Generation (SFG) Vibrational Spectrometer
Ekspla NL940 Series High Energy Temporary Shaped Nanosecond Nd:YAG Lasers
Ekspla Nd:Glass Laser Systems Nanosecond High Energy Laser Systems
Ekspla Atlantic HR Series High Repetition Rate Industrial Picosecond Laser
Ekspla Atlantic series High Power Industrial Picosecond Lasers