Altechna PowerXP attenuators are the evolution of well known time-tested and industry-adopted Altechna Watt Pilot attenuators. New generation PXP units have upgraded belt-driven rotator mechanism for quick and precise laser beam intensity control and also brand new electronics and control driver for more connectivity options and reliable long-distance communication.

Altechna offers four types of laser beam intensity attenuators for high energy applications:

PowerXP motorized attenuators are a reliable solution for industrial applications. Each attenuator includes motorized rotating quartz λ/2 phase waveplate, optically aligned to a single/dual thin film polarizers or polarizing beamsplitting cube which separates the input beam into individual s-polarized and p-polarized parallel or perpendicular output beams.

Special PowerXP Transmission Collinear version includes an additional uncoated UVFS window positioned at Brewster angle after the polarizer to compensate the lateral beam shift caused by polarizing plate and guarantees less than 100 μm radial beam displacement between input and output laser beam for ultra-precise applications.

The intensity ratio of separated beams is continuously tuned by rotating the waveplate. S-polarized beam output can be used for high purity s-polarized beam requiring applications and p-polarized beam output for power control and attenuation applications.

High energy applications compatible optics, fast rotation speed of PowerXP Maxi version, compensated beam displacement output of Maxi Collinear version, convenient polarization separation angle of Maxi Cube version and small footprint of Compact version makes PowerXP motorized attenuators a go-to solution for power control, attenuation, and beam-splitting in demanding laser processing applications.


  • User-friendly software interface, USB, RS232, and Ethernet connection
  • Divides laser beam into two s-pol and p-pol beams of the adjustable intensity ratio
  • Low dispersion optics for ultrashort and high energy laser pulses
  • Ideal for integration into other systems
  • Time between min and max attenuation less than 0.2 sec 

Attenuation range for transmission/collinear version:

  • Tmax (when open): >95%; Tmin (when closed): <0.5%

Attenuation range for reflection version:

  • Tmax (when open): >95%; Tmin (when closed): <0.5% (P-pol output)
  • Tmax (when open): >99%; Tmin (when closed): <0.3% (S-pol output)

Attenuation range for cube version:

  • Tmax (when open): >97%, Tmin (when closed): <0.3% (P-pol output)
  • Tmax (when open): >99%, Tmin (when closed): <3% (S-pol output)


  • Clear aperture: Ø18 mm
  • Recommended maximum input beam diameter at 1/e²: Ø12 mm
  • Bandwidth: Up to ±5 nm, up to ±10 on request
  • Optimization: Transmission
  • Configuration: λ/2 Air-spaced or
    High Energy Optically Bonded waveplate + TFP and Compensating Window
  • Attenuation range (Tmin-Tmax) @ CWL: Up to 0.5-95%
  • Typical applications: High power CW and pulsed lasers
  • Damage threshold: Up to 10 J/cm² @ 1064 nm, 10 ns, 10 Hz
  • Dimensions (H x L x W): 56 x 144 x 90 mm
  • Time between min and max attenuation: <0.2 sec
  • Steps between min and max attenuation: 24000
  • Resolution: <7 arcsec/step
  • Attenuation range for transmission type: Tmax (when open): >95%; Tmin (when closed): <0.5%