Edmund Optics' TECHSPEC® Ultra Compact Objective Assemblies are EO’s smallest objective and are nearly the smallest available in the market in their class of working distance, magnification, and resolution. These objectives are finite conjugate by design, but achieve similar imaging performance of infinity corrected objectives and do not require a secondary tube lens to generate an image on the sensor.

Designed at 2X magnification, these objectives are easily configurable to achieve 4X, 5X, 10X, 15X, and 20X magnifications with the addition of longer extension tubes. The shortest objective length is 10.8mm for 2X magnification, while the longest objective length will be roughly 180mm for 20X magnification.

TECHSPEC Ultra Compact Objective Assemblies base optics utilize two different numerical apertures and two different focal lengths for four objectives, with two different working distances of 9.9mm and 11.4mm respectively.

Note: These objectives are ideal for simple customizations by adjusting magnification with shorter or longer extension tubes, or to adjust numerical aperture and working distance by ultimately changing the base optics in the objective which is also easily achievable.

  • Shortest and Most Compact Form Factor for an Objective
  • Configurable Magnification Using Designated Extension Tubes
  • Near Diffraction Limited Resolution