Raptor Photonics offer a range of high-performance digital SWIR cameras covering the 0.9µm to 1.7µm spectral region for scientific, surveillance and aerospace applications.

The Raptor Photonics Owl 320 HS offers the fastest frame rates available in the Owl camera line-up (up to 349Hz in full frame resolution), perfect for high speed VIS-SWIR applications (0.4µm – 1.7µm). With Region of Interest (ROI) control, faster frame rates in the kHz region are achievable by setting smaller ROIs.

The Owl 640 S is a variant of the Owl 640 line-up, which offers faster frame rates (up to 300Hz) than the standard Owl 640. Using a different sensor, the camera has a response in the SWIR region, 0.9µm to 1.7µm.


Surveillance: Active imaging | Airborne Payload | Hand Held Systems | Imaging Through Fog | Range Finding | Vision Enhancement

Scientific: Astronomy | Beam Profiling | Hyperspectral Imaging | Semiconductor Inspection | Solar Cell Inspection | Thermography

Applications Notes:


Solar Cell Inspection

Stellarator Cygnet

Wafer Alignment

Silicon Wafer Inspection with SWIR cameras

Raptor Photonics has published a new application note highlighting how its range of SWIR cameras can help companies involved in silicon inspection to quickly detect defects in wafers, improving quality and reliability. 

Silicon Wafer

Chemiluminescence Imaging of Plants

Chemiluminescence imaging combines the sensitive detection of chemiluminescence with the ability to locate and quantify the light emission. Discover how Raptor did this with a deep cooled CCD camera.

Chemiluminescence Imaging

High Performance SWIR Imaging Cameras White Paper

Ninox White Paper

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