Nanonics announce the release of the SpectraView MV2500, a breakthrough system combining complementary scattering techniques with Ultrasensitive AFM and SPM for Nano-Chemical Analysis. Read more below.


  • Colocalized IR, Raman, THz and AFM
  • Singular protocols for excitation in the IR with Raman and fluorescence detection in the visible
  • Image with photon force with pN force sensitivity
  • Patented cantilevered completely transparent probes
  • Highly localized scattering at the tip
  • Versatile configurations with advanced SPM modes of operation: Kelvin Probe chemical potential, electrical, thermal and photon force detection
  • Online variable magnetic fields
  • Applications in plasmonics of 2D materials, liquids, biology etc.

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 AFM and IR images (above) obtained with broadband IR illumination (1000-4000cm-1) at the MIRIAM beamline of the Diamond Light Source, Harwell, United Kingdom