The Nanonics MultiView 2000 series is an advanced single probe scanning probe microscope enabling a variety of modes of AFM/SPM/NSOM imaging.

Nanonics has designed The MultiView 2000 for excellence in scanning probe microscopy while allowing for near-field and far-field optical NSOM/AFM Raman/TERS imaging without perturbation. The Multiview 2000 is the only commercially available instrument that offers both tip and sample scanning. This versatility is important for different operation modes where the user can now choose whether the sample or tip is static. The Multiview 2000 further offers the most stable feedback mechanism available in the form of normal force feedback with tuning fork actuation. This feedback mechanism offers the most stability, as well as laser-free operation for the most sensitive experiments.

With the MultiView 2000™ series, Nanonics has reaffirmed its position as your complete supplier in this unique interface between scanned probe and optical microscopy. At Nanonics, both the optical microscope and the scanned probe imaging systems are given equal importance. No other manufacturer of scanned probe or optical microscopes can provide for such effective solutions in both these growing areas of imaging. The result is the ultimate degree of integration in imaging methodologies.

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