Access Lasers Scientific CO2 Lasers

  • Access Lasers AL30S Family CO2 Lasers


    AL30S Features:

    • All the features of the AL30 with a +/- 2% stability.
    • AL30s can be configured as AL30SP and AL30SD versions.

    When your application requires fast processing speeds and higher resolutions, look to the Access Lasers AL30 to provide both. The AL30 resonator is specially designed to produce a circular beam with a M² = 1.1. The ability to focus this virtually ideal beam allows the user to obtain the smallest attainable spot size thus maximizing power density on the final application. Processing efficiency and minimizing HAZ (heat affected zone) can be further enhanced with the 60 watts peak power and 100 ?sec speed of the AL30P and AL30D options.

  • Access Lasers Scientific R&D CO2 systems



    Access Lasers family of grating tuned/stabilized lasers, many of which are available with a Q-Switched option and with a CO gas fill, can handle a number of different tasks. Designed for applications such as spectroscopy, trace gas analysis, breath analysis, environmental monitoring, medical diagnoses, night vision illumination, infrared interferometry, remote sensing, free space optical communications, and laser radar they offer top of the line research and development opportunities.

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