TOPTICA's products are widely and successfully used for scientific applications in fundamental quantum technology

In these fields quantum physics, quantum optics, atom optics, photonics, statistical physics and related fields are investigated in order to understand the basics of quantum technology. Whenever a laser is required – pulsed or cw, tunable or actively frequency stabilized – a frequency comb or even a complete solution combining many lasers and photonicals, TOPTICA is the ideal partner. 

Our highly educated staff is very often recruited out of the scientific community itself. We still remember how it was when doing fundamental research and share with you “A Passion for Precision.” Quantum technology experts and laser specialists are prepared to find together with you the ideal solution – from scientist to scientist. Wavelength, power, coherence, tuning, …. challenge us with your needs!

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TOPTICA products for fundamental quantum technology:

Tunable Diode Lasers ps/fs Fibre Lasers Frequency Combs Laser Rack Systems
Laser Diodes Single Mode Lasers Single Frequency Lasers Wavelength Meters


Application Note: Latest innovations for quantum technologies

Application Note: Dr. Stephan Ritter, Dr. Jürgen Stuhler "The Control of Quantum States with Lasers – Latest innovations for quantum technologies", WILEY-VCH (2019)

Abstract: When quantum theories were first formulated a century ago, who would have guessed how much technological developments originating from quantum physics shape the way we live and interact today. Whether we work on a computer, use our mobile phones, or get a diagnosis based on magnetic resonance imaging: The understanding of quantum mechanics is the basis for all these technologies. In photonics, the laser and light‐emitting diodes are prime examples, with a current market of more than 12 billion US dollars for lasers alone. Now there are new quantum technologies on the horizon, promising a second quantum revolution.
PhotonicsViews, Volume16, Issue3, June/July 2019, Pages 75-77, WILEY‐VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA

TOPTICA Products for Fundamental Quantum Technology