Flowing RBC Digital Holographic Camera 20x

Flowing RBC imaged at 20x using the Digital Holographic Camera

The Lyncée TecDigitalHolographic Camera is a cost-effective module that can readily be attached to the side port of your fluorescence microscope. It allows to easily obtain phase images from a standard fluorescence microscope with a simple module addition.

HoloK DHM camera fluorescence microscope

For labs already equipped with a fluorescence microscope

If you are already equipped with a fluorescence microscope you don’t need to get a full standalone DHM® to gain the advantages of label-free imaging. Simply mount the Digital Holographic Camera module to one of your microscope’s side port to obtain the full benefit of non-invasive quantitative phase imaging.

The Digital Holographic Camera 5 Mpixels camera provides a 4X larger field of view compared to standard imaging devices with a higher spatial and temporal resolution. Thus allowing to quantify fine and fast changes occurring in your sample in a completely non-invasive way.

The Digital Holographic Camera is specifically dedicated for Life Sciences applications, offering the same capabilities as our stand-alone transmission DHM® on most classical samples (microscopy slides, Petri dish, etc.).

Lastek Wombat Works is our custom optical engineering consultancy. We can design, test, prototype and build optical systems from the simplest to the most complex.

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OpticsShop is Lastek's own consolidated shipping service from the USA, offering savings for internet orders on optics, photonics and more. Call Jessica or Lorien on 1800 88 2215 to find out more.

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Lastek Principals

TOPTICA is the world leader in diode laser and ultrafast fiber technology for industrial and scientific markets. Their products and capabilities also extend into optical data storage test and reference technology, biophotonics, microscopy, flow cytometry and THz generation. Browse all Toptica products on Lastek's website here.

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Thorlabs, a vertically integrated manufacturer, produces equipment for the photonics industry, including optomechanics, optics, laser diodes, tunable lasers, fiber optics, optical detectors, motion control equipment, and vibration isolation systems. In addition to core photonics equipment, Thorlabs also provides system-level and OEM solutions.  

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Ocean Optics is the global Leader in optical sensing technology, offering a wide range of spectrometers and optical spectroscopy tools for virtually every application. Browse all Ocean Optics products on Lastek website here.

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LaVision’s product range includes modular laser imaging systems based on spectroscopic techniques for multi-parameter and multi-dimensional flow field measurements for combustion, spray and flow visualization. Browse all LaVision products on Lastek website here.

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