3379 2 UV lens 85

One of the main advantages of this lens is the capability of correcting chromatic aberrations.

The selection of objectives with high transmission in the ultra-violet wavelength ranges when working in the field of UV-imaging with lasers or self-emission is quite limited. That’s why LaVision had designed an optimized lens which perfectly matches the requirements of combustion diagnostics and all UV imaging with intensifiers or a UV-sensitive camera.

Besides its capability of minimizing chromatic aberrations with this unique designed UV lens, its low minimum f-number of the lens is a precious benefit for high light collection efficiency. The focal length of 85 mm leads to shorter working distances compared to "standard" lenses.

This UV-lens is perfectly suited for the use with 25 mm intensifiers, resulting in a large image size and an excellent image quality. In addition, it is possible to perform the image calibration in visible light in order to subsequently work in the UV range while maintaining the same focus position.


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