Laser Quantum MHz


The MHz range is based on meeting the needs of the application by offering different architectures, pulse durations and operations. The self-starting and maintaining mechanism of the gecco is extra-cavity and takes only the start button and mode locking is achieved within 5 minutes. The Venteon range is based on ultra short pulse durations.

gecco – Power, pulse duration and repetition rate options are available.

Venteon PULSE basic – Compact and robust source for sub 8fs pulses.

Venteon PULSE power – Sub 8fs pulses optimised for maximum power.

Laser Quantum gecco


The Laser Quantum gecco is a femtosecond laser with an exceptionally robust mechanical design in a sealed housing comprising a proprietary mechanism to self-start, monitor and maintain its mode-locking. It is available in a choice of pulse durations, powers and repetition rates to suit many applications.

"The Gecco works great as a seed laser for our 25 fs kHz amplifier system. We are very happy to have this set-and-forget femtosecond laser delivering reliable and reproducible performance every day." 

Senior Scientist at Max-Planck Institut für Struktur und Dynamik der Materie, Germany

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Laser Quantum finesse pure

finesse pure

The Laser Quantum 532nm finesse pure laser system, the established choice of Ti: Sapphire pump source for integrators worldwide, is now available at powers of up to 16W. Far more compact than other 532nm lasers of its kind, the finesse boasts lifetimes extending far beyond our industry leading 5 year/15,000 hour warranty period, with pump diode MTBF greater than 40,000 hours; double that of many similar sources. The finesse pure CEP has the additional benefit of direct output modulation feedback technology for carrier envelope phase control without the need for AOM. Push the boundaries of science, with the finesse family.  

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Laser Quantum Venteon Few cycle/short pulse


Few-cycle, short laser pulses have a number of advantages for researchers. At a constant average power, short pulses have a higher peak power and the higher spectral bandwidth is important for spectroscopy, THz generation and OPCPA seeding application. They also benefit the study of ultrafast processes in such applications as pump-probe or time domain spectroscopy.

The Laser Quantum range of short pulse lasers produce the shortest commercially available pulse duration, typically below 5fs.
Venteon PULSE ultrabroad - Octave spanning spectral output with sub 5fs pulses
Venteon PULSE CP - CEP locked without additional spectral broadening
Ventoen PULSE OPCPA seed - Dual output for OPCPA amplifier


Laser Quantum Venteon Pulse basic

Laser Quantum's Venteon PULSE basic laser system is a compact, low-priced and robust source for ultrashort pulses <8fs on a compact footprint of only 260mm x 600mm. The monolithic design is optimised for low pump threshold and has an integral pump laser.


  • Compact design
  • Low Noise
  • Stable output
  • Monlithic design


Power >200mW
Wavelength 810nm (Central)
Spectral FWHM 200nm
Pulse Duration <8fs
Noise <0.5% rms
Peak Power 200kW
Peak/Pulse energy >2.5nJ
Pulse/Repetition Rate 80MHz
Average Power >200mW

Laser Quantum Venteon Pulse power

The Laser Quantum Venteon PULSE power laser system is based on the Power Edition (PE) femtosecond oscillator and integrates a state of the art DPSS pump laser on an advanced, monolithic breadboard. This system delivers >560mW of sub-8fs short laser pulses directly out of the box (7nJ @ 80MHz repetition rate).  

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Laser Quantum Venteon Pulse ultrabroad

The Laser Quantum Venteon PULSE ultrabroad laser system is based on the Ultra Edition (UB) femtosecond oscillator and provides unique spectral properties with an integrated state of the art DPSS pump laser on a novel designed, monolithic breadboard. This system delivers >240mW of sub-6fs short laser pulses directly out of the box (>3nJ @ 80MHz repetition rate).  

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Laser Quantum Venteon Pulse CP

Based on the Ultrabroad (UB) Edition oscillator, the Laser Quantum Venteon PULSE CP is a complete carrier-envelope-phase (CEP) stabilized laser system. In addition to the octave-spanning oscillator this system includes an f-to-2f interferometer for fCEO beat generation and a low-noise pump laser placed on the same, water-cooled breadboard and all necessary control electronics.  

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Laser Quantum Venteon Pulse OPCPA seed

The Laser Quantum Venteon PULSE OPCPA seed laser system represents the ideal front-end for broadband few-cycle OPCPA applications. The spectral bandwidth of this laser allows for the generation of broadband sub-6fs pulses as signal for a subsequent NOPA stage and provides sufficient pulse energy (>30 pJ @ 1030nm) for seeding an Yb-based amplifier pump stage. The pulses are provided by two separate output ports and are intrinsically self-synchronized with ultra-low timing jitter  


Wavelength 800nm (Central)
Spectral FWHM >200nm
Pulse Duration <6fs
Peak/Pulse energy >2.5nJ
Pulse/Repetition Rate 80MHz
Average Power >200mW

Additional Information:

The second output around 1030nm delivers - without any additional broadening - more than 30pJ in a spectral bandwidth of 10nm (FWHM) and is ideally suited as narrowband seed for pump amplifiers. Optionally this output can be ordered pre-amplified, delivering pulses with an energy >1nJ.

Pump-amplifier seed output:

  • Center wavelength: 1030nm
  • Spectral bandwidth: 10nm (FWHM)
  • Pulse duration: <200fs (Fourier-limited)
  • Pulse energy (free-space, 80MHz): >30pJ (>2.4 mW)
  • Pulse energy (fiber-coupled, 80MHz): >12pJ (>1 mW)
  • RMS noise (1h): <0.5%
  • FC/APC fiber port at the laser enclosure for easy seed pick-up
  • Pre-amplified for optimal amplifier seeding (optional)
  • Pulse energy (pre-amplified, fiber-coupled, 80MHz): >1nJ (>80 mW)

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