Correlative STED + AFM: Abberior Instruments integrate STED with JPK NanoWizard AFM


Abberior Instruments and JPK Instruments have successfully integrated the Abberior Instruments STED microscope and the JPK NanoWizard® 4 AFM, to achieve correlative STED + AFM.

  • Correlative STED + AFM measurements
  • Several STED and confocal imaging modes (2D & 3D STED, single & multi color, time laps, 3D stacks, FLIM, RESCue)
  • Several AFM imaging modes (including AFM manipulation modes)
  • Simultaneous STED and AFM imaging possible
  • Very high accuracy (~15 nm) of the DirectOverlayTM (function of the JPK software) of the STED and AFM image
  • AFM manipulation with subdiffraction positioning accuracy.

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