LaVision extends its PIV camera portfolio with the Imager LX camera series

The Imager LX camera family from LaVision is an advanced, high resolution, progressive scan, fully programmable CCD camera series, ideally for large flow field areas. These cameras deliver up to 14 bit digital images and give unsurpassed resolution from 8 MegaPixel to 29 MegaPixel combined with a short interframe time down to 0.3 µs. All camera models come with a compact design and they are equipped with a modern Gigabit Ethernet interface for easy and fast data storing to the computer.  

LaVision FluidMaster

FluidMaster is a complete laser imaging system family for the quantitative visualization of thermal flows and mixing processes in fluids. Instantaneous concentration and temperature fields are measured with high spatial and temporal resolution.

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LaVision FlowMaster MITAS

flowmaster MITAS

The FlowMaster MITAS laser imaging system comprises a fully motorized 3-axis microscope stage with a high performance controller and a high precision microscope objective. For standard applications a 500mW DPSS laser for pulsed illumination, a high sensitive, dual frame-multiple exposure CCD camera is used. A system PC with built-in synchronisation unit controls the complete laser imaging system. LaVision’s modular DaVis software is used for advanced image acquisition and data analysis.
The xyz(focus)-traverse system can be operated manually using a joy stick or the device control manager in DaVis. The light is delivered through an optical fiber to the microscope. A built-in pilot LED is used for target focusing. The filter cube exchange
box allows a fast adaptation for different excitation and emission wavelengths. CCD camera, light source and synchronization are also under DaVis control.

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LaVision FlowMaster PIV/ PTV-systems

The LaVision FlowMaster system family evaluates three-dimensional velocity vector fields from scattered light patterns of particles or droplets seeded into the flow (liquid or gas). Techniques like Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) and Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) are supported. LaVision's FlowMaster camera systems can record two successive images within min. time <100 ns for ultrafast cross-correlation and speeds up to Mach 4. The PIV cameras offer highest sensitivity and allow the use of very small particles (or droplets). An image field of up to 11 million pixels combined with up to 14 bit dynamic range gives an unsurpassed spatial resolution. Programmable precise timing sequences in combination with flexible and speedy software evaluation complete the package.

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LaVision ParticleMaster


LaVision’s ParticleMaster system family is designed to simultaneously determine size and velocity of individual particles or droplets in fluids or multiphase flows. The imaging systems analyze various types of particle laden fluids and other two-phase flows with high spatial resolution. Data acquisition and on-line evaluation are performed with the versatile DaVis software.

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LaVision SprayMaster

LaVision’s SprayMaster system family (SprayMaster inspex, Fuel, Flow, High Speed) is designed for the quantitative visualization of spray processes in many fields. Various applications require different system approaches: LaVision is offering predefined systems (see overview) and special customized systems to achieve the application-specific performance.


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LaVision EngineMaster

Multi-functional laser imaging systems investigating all stages of internal combustion processes like fuel injection, air-fuel mixture formation, ignition, combustion and pollutant formation.

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LaVision FlameMaster

LaVision’s FlameMaster system family is designed to help the scientific and engineering community to find new concepts for the realization of more efficient and cleaner combustion devices.
These modular laser imaging systems for quantitative combustion visualisation are based on the following

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LaVision StrainMaster


StrainMaster from LaVision is a state-of-the-art, non-intrusive optical tool for shape, deformation and strain analysis of solid, granular and liquid subjects. StrainMaster combines the most advanced Digital Image Correlation (DIC) algorithms with the highest quality hardware to provide a complete and easy to use device for materials analysis.  StrainMaster is applicable across all industries investigating material behaviour and gives fast, highly accurate results via an easy to use PC based interface.

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LaVision Flow Visualisation

LaVision’s product range comprises:

  • modular laser imaging systems based on spectroscopic techniques for multi-parameter and multi-dimensional flow field measurements for combustion, spray and flow visualization
  • imaging systems for remote and precise surface deformation and strain inspection
  • software integrated advanced camera systems
  • fiber optical sensor systems
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