LaVision Imager HS

LaVision’s product range includes modular laser imaging systems based on spectroscopic techniques for multi-parameter and multi-dimensional flow field measurements for combustion, spray and flow visualization.

Lyncée Tec

DHM transmission holographic microscopes

Lyncée Tec SA combines for the first time in microscopy nanometric resolution, real time and non-invasive 3D observations in a revolutionary technology called "Digital Holographic Microscopy" (DHM™).

Möller-Wedel Optical


Möller-Wedel Optical offers the largest range of visual and electronic autocollimators, providing an accuracy of up to 0.01 arc seconds, for measuring straightness, flatness, and positioning accuracy of index tables in the machine tool industry.



Nanonics provides the most comprehensive range of unique SPM, NSOM or SNOM systems available today.



Phaseview provides 3D optical measurement instruments and non-destructive testing solutions for quality control, life sciences and defence.

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Solartron Analytical

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The origins of Solartron Analytical go back to 1947, when two engineers, E. R. Ponsford and L. B. Copestick, based in Kingston on Thames, United Kingdom, started to do subcontract work for the GPO (General Post Office) and the Admiralty Research Laboratory, which was based at Teddington. In 1948 they registered the company name, Solartron, and started the manufacture of pulse generators, power supplies and oscillators. They also designed and introduced an oscilloscope to the product range.

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Princeton Applied Research PARSTAT 3000 Potentiostat | Galvanostat

The Princeton Applied Research PARSTAT® 3000 is a high-performance potentiostat engineered into a small foot-print for space conscious laboratory and/or application environments. The additional voltage measurement (6-WIRE) makes this instrument well suited for Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) on batteries as two impedance values can be simultaneously acquired. Users can assign impedance values to anode and cathode; across separators; or to individual cells in a stack.  Physical electrochemistry applications also benefit from using this input to capture pH measurements, temperature, or pressure by means of an external probe.

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Princeton Applied Research VersaSCAN Electrochemical Scanning System


Shown above: VersaSCAN SECM Scanning ElectroChemical Microscopy

The VersaSCAN from Princeton Applied Research is a single platform capable of providing spatial resolution to both electrochemical and materials-based measurements.  Each VersaSCAN is based on a common high-resolution, long-travel, closed-loop positioning system mounted to a vibration-resistant optical base.  Different auxiliary pieces are mounted to the positioning system.  These ancillary pieces (e.g., an electrometer, piezo vibration unit, or a laser sensor) provide functionality to the positioning system for different scanning probe experiments.  VersaSTAT potentiostats and Signal Recovery Lock-in Amplifiers are integrated via ethernet control to make accurate measurements of these small signals.

  • Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy (SECM)
  • Scanning Vibrating Electrode Technique (SVET)
  • Scanning Kelvin Probe (SKP)
  • Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (LEIS)
  • Scanning Droplet System (SDS)
  • Non-Contact Surface Profiling (OSP)

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Solartron Analytical EchemLab XM


  • ±100 V polarization and compliance
  • High voltage auxiliary channels
  • Highest accuracy DC and EIS Multiple AC techniques include single sine, harmonic analysis (non-linear materials), multisine for faster low frequency tests

Solartron Analytical'sEchemLab XM is an application specific XM (Xtreme Measurement) product that is primarily focused on corrosion/coatings, and physical/analytical electrochemistry. EchemLab XM includes a reference grade potentiostat and frequency response analyzer (FRA). EchemLab XM has a built-in 100 V high voltage amplifier which can be used for not only for compliance measurements but also for high voltage cell polarization. This is useful in many high solution resistance applications, for example in organic electrochemistry. In addition to high voltage, power boosters can also be integrated to combine high current and high voltage in many specialized plating applications.

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Solartron Analytical EnergyLab Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer

EnergyLab XM 230 86

Solartron Analytical's new EnergyLab XM is an application specific XM (Xtreme Measurement) Electrochemical Impedance Analyzer that is primarily focused on battery / fuel cell / supercapacitor research.

EnergyLab XM includes a reference grade potentiostat, frequency response analyzer (FRA) and 2A booster. The unit may be operated in boosted or unboosted mode (with automatic switching), providing optimum test conditions and accuracy for a wide range of energy devices.

EnergyLab XM’s extreme sensitivity allows complete characterization of prototype low current or low impedance new generation cells.

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