• Light Conversion Carbide: Femtosecond lasers for science and industry

    Carbide 40W WHT

    Light Conversion offers the CARBIDE  industrial femtosecond laser. Featuring output power of >5 W at 1028 nm wavelength, with highest pulse energies of >85 μJ, it maintains all the best features of its predecessor PHAROS: variable pulse repetition rate in the range of 60 – 1000 kHz (amplifier internal clock) with the built in pulse picker feature for pulse output control, computer controllable pulse duration 290 fs – 10 ps.

    In addition to usual parameters CARBIDE brings in a few new technologies, one of the most important being a few times higher output average power to wall plug efficiency. It also features novel approach to a cavity design where oscillator, stretcher / compressor and amplifier are integrated into a single housing, this way optimized for volume production. It also allows fast warm up (important for medical applications), easy access to pump LD modules for replacement. Intra cavity pulse picker allows reduction of cost and power consumption.

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  • Enhanced mid-IR output with the Light Conversion ORPHEUS-ONE OPA

    Light Conversion Orpheus One

    Light Conversion's ORPHEUS-ONE is a collinear optical parametric amplifier of white-light continuum pumped by femtosecond Ytterbium based laser amplifiers. This OPA is focused on generating the mid-infrared wavelengths and maintains the excellent output beam properties of a standard ORPHEUS. 

    Parametric amplification is performed in two stages. The first nonlinear crystal is pumped with the second harmonic of pump laser at 515 nm and seeded with a white light continuum, which generates a very stable tunable output in two ranges: 650 nm - 850 nm (first stage signal) and 1350 nm – 2100 nm (first stage idler). The second nonlinear crystal is pumped by the fundamental pump radiation at 1030 nm, and seeded with the idler of the first stage. The output of the second stage is a Signal wave tunable in the range of 1350 nm – 2060 nm, and corresponding Idler at 2060 nm – 4500 nm. 

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  • Light Conversion Carbide

    Carbide 40W WHT

    Light Conversion's CARBIDE is a single-unit integrated, ultra compact femtosecond laser system offering high average output power. CARBIDE is built upon technology used in PHAROS high power lasers using chirped pulse amplification technique, employing seed oscillator, regenerative amplifier and pulse stretcher/compressor modules. However compared to predecessor, CARBIDE uses few technological innovations: simplified pump diode setup, compactified laser cavity optimized for efficient output, integrated cooling and power supply. 

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  • Light Conversion: PHAROS Yb:KGW Utrafast lasers

    Pharos WHT

    Light Conversion's “PHAROS” is a single-unit integrated femtosecond laser system combining millijoule pulse energies and high average power. It features market leading compact size for easy OEM integration and laboratory space saving. Most of “PHAROS” output  parameters can be easily set via control pad or PC tuning the laser for your particular application in seconds. Tunability of laser output parameters allow “PHAROS” system to cover applications normally requiring different class of lasers. Tunable parameters include: pulse duration (190 fs – 10 ps), repetition rate (single-pulse – 200 kHz, extendable to 1 MHz), pulse energy (up to 2 mJ) and average power (up to 8 W). Its deliverable power is abundant for a number of material processing applications, while achievable pulse durations and energies make it an attractive tool for the research applications.   

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  • Light Conversion

    Light Conversion

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    Light Conversion offer solid-state ultrafast laser systems and accessories, including TOPAS optical parametric amplifiers for femtosecond Ti:Sapphire lasers, Yb:KGW femtosecond laser systems and more.

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