Ekspla Atlantic 6 Compact Air-cooled Industrial Picosecond Laser

Atlantic 6 model Compact Air Cooled Picosecond Laser

Ekspla's  Atlantic 6 is designed for industrial micromachining applications as a reliable, compact and cost effective solution. Hybrid fiber and DPSS technologies implemented in this model make it also very energetically efficient, which enables air cooling solution for laser head. No water is used inside laser, which means you should not worry about unexpected leakage, regular water replacement or possible chiller failure. Laser head generates only around 150 W of heat, so it required quite simple heat management solutions for system integrators. Laser do not require a chiller or big heat exchanger, so all control and power supply electronics is fit into standard 3U 19-inch rack.

Hybrid technology enables new pulse control features, which are not present in earlier Atlantic series lasers. Atlantic 6 can provide burst of pulses spaced only 25 ns in time, so called seeder burst mode. It is very useful in material processing applications, because in some cases it allows to increase process efficiency or at least provides additional variable parameter for process optimization. Atlantic 6 has broad range of accessible pulse repetition ranges, from single pulse to 1 MHz. Read more.

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Ekspla LightWire FPS series Compact Fiber Seeders for Picosecond Lasers

Compact Fiber Seeders for Picosecond Lasers LightWire FPS series

Ekspla's  LightWire FPS series fiber lasers are dedicated for seeding solid state Nd:YAG amplifiers. Compact, cost efficient FPS series models deliver sub‑10 ps pulses at 1064 nm wavelength with the average output power up to 200 mW and pulse energy up to 50 nJ.

They feature narrow close to bandwidth limited spectrum and low pulse amplitude noise. Wavelength tunability ensures that seed pulses are always spectrally overlapped with the amplification spectrum of your amplifier. Read more

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Ekspla Atlantic HR Series High Repetition Rate Industrial Picosecond Laser

Atlantic HR series High Repetition Rate Picosecond DPSS Laser 1

The Ekspla Atlantic HR diode pumped picosecond laser introduces a high repetition rate solution for material processing and other industrial applications.
Diode pumped solid state laser technology combined with EKSPLA‘s 20 years of experience in picosecond lasers has enabled the design and manufacture of a reliable cost effective tool. A rugged design ensures stable and reliable operation in diverse ambient conditions. Short pulse duration (< 8 ps) and good beam quality (M2 < 1.3) make this laser an excellent choice for many industrial as well as R&D applications.
A high repetition rate allows for fast processes with multiple meters per second scanning speed. Read more. 

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Ekspla FP200 Compact Picosecond Fiber Laser

LightWire FP200 Compact Picosecond Fiber Laser

Ekspla'sLightWire FP200 laser is dedicated for researchers and OEM integrators, who require small, convenient and maintenance free source with transform limited picosecond pulses.

Widely tunable pulse repetition rate 20 kHz – 40 MHz makes it an excellent choice for non-linear microscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy, terahertz spectroscopy, ultrafast metrology applications. FP200 model is available with second harmonic option (532 nm). Read more

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Ekspla SL212 Series SBS Compressed Picosecond Nd:YAG Lasers

SL212 series SBS compressed Q switched NdYAG Laser 1

Ekspla's  SL212 laser is excellent solution for applications, where high energy picosecond pulses are needed. In contrary to conventional mode-locked lasers the SL212 series lasers use different method of generating short pulses based on backward-stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS). Diode pumped passive Q-switched single longitudinal mode (SLM) nanosecond generator is the heart of the system. It provides nanosecond optical pulse that is later compressed during SBS in a special cell.

Pulse compressor consists of optical guiding system and SBS-cell. SBS cell is designed for safe and longlife maintenance free operation. A linearly polarized light pulse from master oscillator passes through QWP and is focused into SBS-cell by lens. Focusing is arranged in the way to compress the pulse via SBS process. The backscattered Stokes pulse, as its phase is reversed, strictly repeats the path of pump pulse in the opposite direction and with a reversal divergence. The compressed pulse is guided into the amplification stage using polarizer and mirror.

After SBS compression, pulse is directed to multi-pass flashlamp pumped power amplifier system, providing high-energy pulses. SL212 model lasers use multi-pass amplifier system which is based on laser chamber containing Nd:YAG rod pumped by two flash lamps. For smooth obtaining output beam profile pre-amplifier and double-pass amplifier layout is used in SL212 series lasers. Power amplifier includes optical components arranging passes through the active element. Aperture is employed to prevent the returning depolarized radiation from getting back into the amplifier.

Thermocontrolled harmonics’ generators, based on angle-tuned non-linear crystals and harmonic separation optics are available as standard options. Fundamental and second harmonics are separated and has a single output port. Harmonics’ crystals mounted in temperature‑controlled heaters. Pulse compression during SBS, is a simple and cost effective way for generating high power picosecond pulses. In addition to it, SBS compression allows generation of pulses with exceptional pulse duration range: from 150 ps up to 1000 ps. A power supply and water/water type cooling units, placed in standard 19” rack, requires a little space under the user’s optical table. Read more. 

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