Toptica BoosTA pro High-Power Tapered Laser Amplifier

TOPTICA BoosTA pro 01

The Toptica BoosTA pro, TOPTICA’s new stand-alone optical amplifier, increases the output power of a DL pro or any other linearly polarized master laser by up to 20 dB (x100). Following TOPTICA’s well-established pro-technology, the TA chip is mounted in a compact unit with optimized heat management and beam-shaping optics. A compact, external power supply (DC HP) drives the amplifier head and allows effortless operation - even of current-hungry TA chips at wavelengths with lower gain. Researchers thus benefit from output power levels up to 3.5 W.

The BoosTA pro head includes a high-bandwidth current modulation board, which – when used in a closed feedback loop – allows compensating power fluctuations of the master laser by adjusting the amplifier gain. The board also features a protective circuit to avoid the risk of electronic chip damage. The beam management of the seed laser can be greatly simplified by optional fiber input coupling. Other options are optical isolators and fiber output coupling. The BoosTA pro head has sufficient space for a 60 dB isolator to protect the TA chip from back reflections.

  • Up to 4 W single mode output power, gain up to 20 dB 
  • Available wavelengths 660 nm .. 1495 nm 
  • Compact amplifier module with stand alone driver 
  • Maintains spectral properties of master oscillator 
  • Input and output fiber coupling available
General Specification TOP-Seller (not configurable)
SYST BoosTA pro 670 765 780 795 850
Wavelength range (nm) 660 .. 1495 nm* 660 - 675 760 - 775 765 - 795 780 - 800 845 - 870
Max. output power (W) 0.5 .. 4 W 0.5 3 4 3.5 3
Beam quality M² < 1.5 (< 2 for some higher power chips) < 1.5 < 2.5 < 2 < 2 < 2

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