Toptica Scientific Diode Lasers

TOPTICA offers the widest wavelength coverage for diode lasers. The  Research Grade Diode Lasers cater to the vast majority of spectroscopic  applications in physics, chemistry and life sciences. Tunable single-mode and single-frequency lasers now cover wavelengths from 375 to 3000 nm. Spectral gaps and the deep UV regime down to 200 nm are closed by our frequency converted lasers (NLO series). Our industrial diode lasers combine first class diode technology and rock-solid opto-mechanical engineering, completed by convenient computer-control and intelligent protection measures - with record diode laser power at e.g. 405, 488 or 640 nm.

Research Grade (Tunable)
 Products  Wavelength  Power  Linewidth
 DL Series  372..2880 nm  < 300 mW  100 kHz .. 4 MHz
 High Power Series  645..1083 nm  < 1500 mW  < 1 MHz
 NLO Series  205..630 nm  < 400 mW  < 2 MHz
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