• Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems
    Alio Industries: True Nano™ Precision Motion Systems

    ALIO Designs and Manufacturers Proprietary Robotic Devices and Tools that Enable Precise Nano-Scale Movements for Manufacturing and Research & Development


  • Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro
    Toptica: DL pro now with Digital Laser Controller DLC pro

    With TOPTICA’s DLC pro, high-end laser control now enters the digital world! The new digital laser controller for TOPTICA’s tunable diode laser DL pro sets new benchmarks with regards to low noise and low drift levels.

    Demonstration system now available. Please enquire for details.


  • High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources
    High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources

    The High Finesse LSA Laser Spectrum Analyser is designed to analyse the multi-line or broadband spectrum of light sources such as cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, and more.  Lastek currently have a demonstration system available for evaluation. 


Ocean FX Spectrometers for High Speed Acquisition

ocean fx high speed acquisition 01

Capture up to 3,000 Scans per Second

The newest Ocean Optics spectrometer, Ocean FX, is distinguished by features such as a high-sensitivity CMOS detector, onboard spectral buffering and Ethernet communications. But perhaps most exciting is the spectrometer’s remarkable acquisition speed – up to 3,000 scans per second, depending on the performance of its operating software and  the operating system and computer to which it is connected.

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From zero to STED in no time

Follow along with the incredibly quick installation of an Abberior Instruments STEDYCON super resolution microscope, uncut. We go from opening the carton to the first super-resolution STED image in under three minutes. 

Ekspla and Light Conversion lead consortium to deliver a 5 TW laser system

DSC 0088

Ceremony held in the Residence of the Hungarian Ambassador in Vilnius, on the occasion of the contract made between the Lithuanian Ekspla/Liight Conversion consortium and the ELI-ALPS laser research center in Szeged, Hungary.

A unique OPCPA based laser system, providing 5 terawatts of output power at 1 kHz repetition rate has been produced by a cosortium led by Ekspla and Light Conversion. The system, named Sylos 1, was designed and build for the Extreme Light Infrastructure - Attosecond Light Pulse Source facilities (ELI-ALPS) located in Szeged, Hungary.

“This system is unique due to its outstanding combination of power and pulse duration” – noted Kestutis Jasiunas, EKSPLA CEO – “five terawatts establishes Sylos as one of the most powerful systems in the world generating 10 fs or shorter pulses at 1 kHz repetition rate. Secondly, it employs innovative OPCPA technology born and perfected at Vilnius University, Lithuania. Featuring comparatively simple and cost-effective layout OPCPA is a key approach in equipping the high intensity laser facility to reach attoseconds in deep UV regions.”

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Lasermet IP66 Weatherproof TEST Ultra LED Sign

lasermet led

These smart, professional IP66 rated LED signs from Lasermet are for outside use. The prestigious, bright LED signs are ideal for use in bad weather. UK manufactured, these dual-message, dual-colour, DALI compatible LED signs are low voltage 24VDC. Contact us for options on colours, messages, legends, languages, DALI interface and more…

How good is the Ultra 580…

  • Weatherproof sign for outdoor use (IP66)
  • Any message, graphics or language
  • Single message, single colours available:- Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, White
  • Dual message, dual colour in Red/Green only
  • Low voltage 24VDC
  • DALI Interface option

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High Finesse Laser Spectrum Analyzer Spectrometer for Broadband Sources

 spectrum analyser

The High FinesseLSA Laser Spectrum Analyser is designed to analyse the multi-line or broadband spectrum of light sources up to 10 nm such as cw and pulsed lasers, gas discharge lamps, super luminescence diodes, semiconductor laser diodes and LEDs. The standard system covers wavelength range 330-110nm, with other UV and IR ranges also available, including new mid-IR version. Lastek currently have a demonstration system available for evaluation. Please contact us for further details.

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Ocean Optics IDRaman mini 2.0 Handheld Raman System

IDRaman mini 2.0 960x960

Identify. Authenticate. Verify.

The Ocean Optics IDRaman mini is the smallest, most powerful handheld Raman system available today. The IDRaman mini fits in the palm of your hand, yet is ruggedly dependable for fast, accurate Raman analyses ranging from chemical and explosive agent detection in the field to quality assurance and quality control sampling routines in the factory. The system includes a preloaded, editable library of about 30 Raman spectra and large libraries of up to 9,000 spectra are available for purchase.

The IDRaman’s  unique Raster Orbital Scanning (ROS) technology scans a tightly focused beam over a wide 2.5 mm sample area, dramatically improving the quality of the Raman measurement. ROS has benefits for liquid and solid samples, especially samples that are inhomogeneous and irregularly shaped. In addition, with ROS the low average power needed eliminates sample damage and the possible ignition of explosive samples.

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Becker and Hickl Introduce Ultra-Fast Hybrid Detector

hpm photo 01 comp20

Becker and Hickl have released an ultra-fast version of their HPM-100 series hybrid detectors. The new HPM-100-07 detector has an IRF width of less than 38 ps, full width at half maximum, including the pulse width of a bh BDS-SM-405nm ps diode laser. The HPM-100-07 contains a Hamamatsu R10467-07 hybrid detector tube together with a preamplifier and the generators for the tube operating voltages in a single compact housing. The principle of the hybrid detector yields excellent timing resolution, a clean TCSPC instrument response function, high detection quantum efficiency, and extremely low afterpulsing probability. The absence of afterpulsing results in a substantially increased dynamic range of TCSPC measurements.

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Gentec-EO release new Pronto 250 Plus Laser Power Detector

  • Pocket-Size: This mid to high power handheld probe is so compact it fits in your pocket!
  • Easy-to-Use: The touch screen color LCD allows for a friendly user interface. You can make a measurement with just the touch of a button!
  • User Setable: You can set the wavelength, brightness and screen orientation to adapt to your application
  • Data Logging: Save your data to the internal memory and then transfer it to your PC over the USB connection.
  • From Low to High Powers: Thanks to a low noise level and high damage threshold, the Pronto can measure powers from 1 W to 250 W
  • Fully Calibrated: The Pronto-250 comes fully calibrated: every wavelength between 248 nm and 2.5 micron (YAG), and a real calibration at 10.6 micron (CO2). The Pronto-250-PLUS has all these calibrations and is also calibrated for Energy measurements.
  • Hands-Free Operation: Place it on a flat surface or use one of the 2 threaded holes that we have integrated in the casing for safe use with optical stands.

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LG Motion Polaris™ – one of the most powerful motion control platforms available


To complement their own range of motion control components and products, LG Motion work closely with a number of international motion control specialists in order to provide a comprehensive range of motion control solutions.

Polaris – advanced motion control system

The advanced motion control platform, Polaris™, demonstrates speed, precision and programming flexibility. It is the world’s most advanced off-the-shelf platform for the control and synchronisation of servo motors. Motor control applications can be realised by using Polaris software and hardware components which include controls, drives and, digital I/O. Extensive motion control software includes CAD/CAM, operator interfaces, function libraries, executables, HMIs and applications.

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