SensL offers the world's first direct replacement for linear Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs).:the SensL Silicon Photomultiplier is based on a new and novel silicon structure optimised for low light sensingover a large area.

Compared to other photosensor technologies, such as PiN diodes, APDs and PMTs, SiPMs offer a winning combination of properties. These include high gain, excellent PDE and fast timing along with the practical advantages associated with solid-state technology, such as compactness, ruggedness, low bias voltage and insensitivity to magnetic fields.

SensL is now recognized as the market leader for low-light sensing applications, as a result of 10 years of continuous product improvements, serving hundreds of customers. The SensL advantage lies in a number of fundamental factors that come together to result in a product and service that surpass the competition. 

The SensL Advantage

  • Designed for High Volume
  • Designed for Lowest Cost
  • Designed for Uniformity
  • Excellent Customer Support”

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