April 2010

Hot Seat in a Cold Snap

Issue #84: Hot Seat in a Cold Snap: The Untold Story of Lastek's secret role in Copenhagen; World's Most Powerful Laser: Continuum Inc announces teaming agreement with National Energetics to offer Petawatt Lasers; The Oculus Challenge; New Tools for Femtosecond Laser research; Laser safety round-up; TERS: Tip Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy from Nanonics; and much more.

September 2009

Safety Bacon

Lastek Newsletter Issue #83

Creativity, Laser Safety and the Secret to True Happiness -  Yamamoto Coffee Cup Collection Retrospective and Free Poster Offer - Quantronix lead the way in Extreme UV and Soft X-ray imaging - Horiba Jobin Yvon Surface Plasmon Resonance Imaging - Phaseview the Digital Wavefront Company - Quantum Composers - LaVision and PIV09

November 2008


Issue #82: Catch the Eye of a Dragonfly: and then just Hover - Lastek Turns 20 - New Tools from Horiba Jobin-Yvon - New Principals - Toptica New Lasers - Quantronix - Gentex - Lasermet - Picoquant 485nm diodes - Ocean Optics - Phasis -  Photonis - New Coffee Cup

February 2008

Issue #81: Enough Soap: Duggo Interview -  Quantum Composers - Toptica - HighQ - Quantronix - Continuum - Access Lasers - Mad City Labs - Horiba Jobin-Yvon - Genoptics - Gentec

February 2007

Issue #79 : Lastek Wins Quinella. ELS. FJW. Toptica DFB and Femto Fibre. Nanonics Imaging. Lyncee Tec. Ocean Optics 500Th system in Australia.

March 2006

Issue#77 : Lastek's Night of Reckoning at the Batcave - Ocean Optics USB4000 - Gentec - High Finesse - Horiba Jobin-Yvon Nanotechnology Tools - Toptica Laser Diodes - nLight - Gam Laser - Melles Griot Yellow DPSS

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