LaVision EngineMaster

Multi-functional laser imaging systems investigating all stages of internal combustion processes like fuel injection, air-fuel mixture formation, ignition, combustion and pollutant formation.

Imaging Techniques
LIF, LII, Raman, Rayleigh, Emission Spectroscopy
High Speed Strobe Visualization

all kind of internal combustion phenomena:
fuel injection, air-fuel mixture preparation
in-cylinder temperature fields, ignition and flame propagation, pollutant and soot formation
... for further information see Applications in Engines

- liquid and vapor fuel concentration fields
- local air/fuel ratios (?-maps)
- in-cylinder temperature during mixture formation
- localisation of knock centers
- flame front propagation
- combustion species concentration (OH, NO, CH ...)
- soot concentration and primary soot particle size

System Features
- integrated turnkey laser imaging systems based on application
  matched best selection of laser and camera
- complete hardware control using DaVis software
- accurate hardware and signal calibration
- predefined crank angle resolved measurements with cycle
- multi-functional engine synchronization interface:
  crank angle decoder, engine simulator, trigger conditioner

- endoscopes for keyhole imaging
- high speed digital film recording of complete cycles
- high speed imaging pyrometers