Nanonics Multiview 4000


SPM Systems with more than one probe that can image independently  have always been a dream.This dream has become a reality with the MultiView 4000™ with its  AFM, NSOM and SPM  multiprobe capabilites and it's optical and electron optical compatibility. 

  • Independent scanning of up to four probes for atomic force, near-field optical and all known probes for scanned probe imaging modes
  • Unique probes for multiple probe resistance measurements with two, three and four point probe geometries
  • Unique thermal probes for multiple probe measurements
  • Multiple probe near-field optical (NSOM or SNOM) measurements
  • Multiple probe nanochemical writing on a variety of structures with a variety of gaseous, liquid or solid inks with Fountain Pen NanochemistryTM
  • Multiple probe nanoindentation with on-line ultra high resolution atomic force imaging of the indented structure
  • Multiple probe optical or thermal desorption with tandem collection for mass spectral analysis
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